The Board of Trustees is both the governing and representative body of the Foundation. It meets at least twice a year and whenever the matters to be dealt with so may require. The Boards are acquainted well in advance with the issues to be later submitted for debate and decision. The main task entrusted to the members of the Board of Trustees is that of applying the existing criteria for the selection of projects and aid programs, setting out a proper planning and monitoring of activities and performing an effective control on the use of funds. All posts are unremunerated.

PDFPeque  [Bylaws of Fomento de Fundaciones]



Alfonso Martínez-Echevarría y García de Dueñas. A Doctor in Law, Professor of Commercial Law at the CEU San Pablo University. International Partner of Martínez-Echevarría Pérez y Ferrero Law Office. Head of the Financial Markets Law Department at the CEU San Pablo University.


Carlos Figuero García. A professional with extensive experience in fiscal, labour and administrative company management, specialized in managing non-profit organizations. A trustee in several foundations.


Pablo García-Manzano Jiménez de Andrade. A Doctor in Law (Complutensis University of Madrid). Counsel of the State Council. Executive Director of IESE’s Centre for Leadership and Public Administration.

Francisco Javier Jiménez Juárez. A Bachelor in Law who has worked in the Mercantile and Litigation Departments of several Legal firms.

The ordinary administration of the Foundation is delegated on an Executive Committee, thus allowing for greater closeness and knowledge of supported projects. This Committee performs quite a rigorous monitoring of the Foundation’s progress, controls the evolution of financial statements and analyzes the records of aid requested and compliance commitments in force. It meets at least ten times a year and whenever so required by the matters to be dealt with. The Commission prepares those reports which are later submitted to the decision of the Board of Trustees.