The Foundation manages its resources seeking the greatest economy of means. To do this, it establishes several help procedures:

  • Reimbursable aid program. Interest-free loans granted to non-profit entities and organizations, sustainable and with the capacity to generate resources to meet the agreed repayments. For the most part, this aid program is intended for the acquisition, construction or renovation of facilities. The support for the different projects is both financial and technical.
  • Equipment Program. The aid for equipment is aimed at non-profit institutions that, due to lack of resources, cannot acquire the necessary equipment to fulfill their institutional purposes. They are contributions for the acquisition of diverse material, such as transport elements, equipment must be essential for the proper functioning of the facilities that are promoted or the viability of the professional training programs. This Program also includes grants to educational and cultural institutions for the formation of libraries and publishing projects.
  • Foundation Promotion Program. In line with the purposes described in its Statutes, Fomento de Fundaciones aims to be a support, either by advising and by encouraging economic collaboration of all kinds of natural or legal persons, to those Foundations or Associations that promote development cooperation projects, promotion of culture, and fostering solidarity, at the national or international level.