The Foundation manages its resources seeking the greatest economy in costs. To this extent it raises the following possible forms of assistance:

  • Repayable Aids Program. Interest-free loans granted to non-profit concerns and organizations, sustainable and capable of generating resources to meet repayments as agreed. This aid program is mostly intended to finance the acquisition, construction or renovation of facilities. The support provided to such different projects is both economic and technical.
  • Equipment Program. Equipment aids are intended for non-profit institutions unable to acquire the necessary equipment to accomplish their institutional purposes because of a lack of resources. Such contributions for the purchase of different material include transport equipment, an essential must to the smooth operation of the facilities being promoted, or the viability of vocational training programs. This program also includes support for educational and cultural institutions, as well as for libraries and publishing projects.
  • Program to Promote (or Promoting) Foundations. In line with the aims described in its Statutes, this Foundation seeks to be a support, whether it be by assessing or by bringing about the financial collaboration of all types of persons–physical or juridical–to those Foundations or Associations that foster projects of cooperation for development, promotion of culture, and fostering of solidarity at the national or international level.

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  • Hospital in Congo
  • Construction of a school in Cameroon
  • Reconstruction of a Church in Costa Rica