The Board of Trustees is both the governing and representative body of the Foundation. It meets at least twice a year and whenever the matters to be dealt with so may require. The Boards are acquainted well in advance with the issues to be later submitted for debate and decision. The main task entrusted to the members of the Board of Trustees is that of applying the existing criteria for the selection of projects and aid programs, setting out a proper planning and monitoring of activities and performing an effective control on the use of funds. All posts are unremunerated.

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D. Francisco Aparicio Valls.

Members of the board

D. Celestino Valdés Más.

Dña. Mónica Beltrán de Miguel.

D. Vicente José Pérez Jaime.


D. Francisco Javier Jiménez Juárez.



In line with its founder, the social, educational and cultural activity of Fomento de Fundaciones is oriented towards programs of international relevance and it is precisely outside Spain where the Foundation is having a special presence. It should not be forgotten that, also at the will of its donors, the Foundation promotes and contributes resources to various associations and entities, which frequently act as local partners in the development of social and cultural initiatives.

From the Foundation we consider that our main contribution is to provide rationality, professionalism and order in the management of projects. This objective is achieved through the dedication of time and experience of professionals with extensive experience, mainly in the financial sector and in business management. This dedication is selfless and is always provided with the greatest rigor and commitment.

Furthermore, the Foundation understands that aid in the form of non-refundable donations are not very encouraging and are separated from the principle of joint responsibility. For this reason, as has become customary, we follow a very restrictive criterion in granting financial means without requiring a return. Our economic contribution is always provided through other channels such as loans with flexible repayment conditions or reimbursable aid once the projects are sufficiently mature.

We trust that in the coming years we can continue to be a reference for all those Foundations and projects that are supported by the Foundation; We are excited about this challenge and we will work for it.

Francisco Aparicio Valls