Fomento de Fundaciones (Fundación Internacional) is an international private foundation with educational and cultural purposes, incorporated in Madrid on July 22, 1987

The Foundation was recognized, registered and filed on October 15, 1987 pursuant to a Ministerial Order published in the Official Gazette of November 15 that year conferring its Protectorate to the Ministry of Culture.

In February 2004, the Foundation adapted its bylaws to Law 50/2002 of December 26. Such an adaptation has proved to have ever since an insignificant impact on the functions of the Foundation, which is subject to the special regulation of the Patronage Law 49/2002

According to current legislation, the Foundation annually submits to its Protectorate, upon approval by the governing body, the Action Plan for each fiscal year, along with the related income statements giving account of the minute compliance with the foundational purposes.




Mision y valores

The mission of Fomento de Fundaciones (Fundación Internacional) is to provide opportunities to those people involved in training and professional projects, and particularly when such a training is targeted to be received outside Spain. Along with the support provided to these people, the Foundation also encourages and directly grants the necessary financial capacity to cultural and social projects, also fostering the integration of different peoples and cultures.

One of the Foundation’s objectives is the search for solutions which may, either through people, institutions or any means of convivence, get young professionals integrated into the common task of building a more just and committed society.

The values involved are capacity and initiative, respect for individuals, a professional sense of labour, co-responsibility -to be understood as the interest of integrating different social actors in its projects- and finally, transparency and austerity.